Sunday, April 1, 2012

So Crazy, Baby.

It has been crazy the past few weeks and I honestly wonder how long is this gonna last.
Can't wait to be back. This is too emotionally taxing.. and it's definitely taking a toll on me.
God, you are my strength.
And im sooo thankful for my family and friends.. :')

Anyways, here's a quick one before i head back to settle as much as i can for the launch before we fly for our work trip in a few hours!

Jie and I went to support Vel last week at the Kotex Luxe launch!!
She's brand ambassador and you'll be seeing her ad in the movies really soon ;)
So so so proud of her!!



Dinner with Via & Ge after work one day and have ge suggested we eat at Coastal Settlement (have heard sooo much about it) and im so glad we did!!
The food & ambiance's awesomeeee! Will definitely be back. YUM


We miss you, Weis <3
Can't wait to head back & try more stuff!


Dinner at Weis' with the gang on Saturday..
Been looking forward to this for the longest timeeee!


In Love, Bonito's Hilary Top!

To a lifetime together <3
Thank you for always, always being there for me.

Gotta scoot right back to verifying the payments and settling some emails now!
I'm soooo sorry for neglecting my personal emails the past couple of weeks :(
I'll get to that once i get back from the work trip later this week, PROMISE!
Thank you girls sooo much for your patience and understanding :')

Have a blessed week ahead!

PS: Sorry that my landscape pictures are still pretty blur :(
You may click to enlarge and it will be clearer!
Ginnnyyyy, helppppp! teehee

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