Thursday, April 26, 2012


Finally back with an update!!
So sorry for the lack of it, have been out of sorts lately :(
Anyways, i'd like to thank all of you who'd dropped me an email with regards to designs you'd like to see on Love, Bonito!! Please give me some time to collate them and reply to you individually :)

Gotta be up in 3 hours for a flight and i decided to rush this post out before i leave!
Here's a couple of what's coming up on Love, Bonito's next collection :)

Gorgeous midi skirt in the prettiest spring colours!

Crazy shot taken by Ginny while i was trying to tame my hair. heh

And this lace dress that sooo many of you have been asking me about!!
It's finally here in 3 colours - nude, white & black.
It also comes with a weaved belt.

And this is my favouriteeee from the upcoming collection!!
Also look out for my upcoming ad with Brand's®

Sooooo much to blog about, need to get started before it becomes overwhelming!
Anyways, here's a peek of what's been happening ;)

Upcoming denim shorts in the prettiest spring palette!

Dinner with Ge, Via & Weis earlier today at Coastal Settlement (again!)
Love love love that place ;)

 Will be jetting off tomorrow for a much needed break!
Will be updating as much as i can via Twitter & Instagram (ms_rach)..
Do add me if you wanna :)

Till the next, have a greatttt week guys!

PS: I will be replying to the previous comments left as soon as i'm back!
Thank youuuuu :)

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