Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ad: Live It Up Without Lighting Up!

Live It Up Without Lighting Up (LIUWLU) had a smashin' party last Wednesday (21/3) and it was hosted by none other than the amazing Daniel Ong!
All of us were thoroughly entertained ;)

There was also a dance competition and they blew us away with their sleek moves and energy!
Wish I could dance like that. teehee
Dancing is sucha good way to de-stress and it's also a really fun & good form of exercise!
The crowd (which consisted of young people from all over the world!) was really spontaneous and kept cheering the dancers / groups on ;)

Here's some of the dance groups on stage!

And finally- the time of the night to announce the winners!!

In 3rd Place - TSK
Walking away with SGD1,000!

In 2nd place - SIREN!
Walking away with SGD 2,000!

And emerging as Champions.. FAD FACTION!!
Those guys were AMAZING!!

There was even a post-competition dance party but too bad I couldn't stay for that :(
Nonetheless, it was a great night!
Live it up without lighting up guys, and cheers to better health & better skin! :)
PS: Did you know that smoking a pack of cigarettes a day can cost up to approximately $4,000 a year??
You can travel to almost anywhere with that!!
If you or anyone you know need help with quitting smoking, check out this interactive website :)

Till the next, tata!!

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