Monday, June 25, 2012

The Past Week

Been feasting sooooo much recently.. I should really start getting serious about exercising to keep up!
Been trying a couple of hot yoga sessions with Via, Vaness & Ge and it's been pretty good.. have honestly never perspired so much in an hour in my life!

Anyways, here's my past week in pictures :)

Teppanyaki at Weis'

Our absolute favourite!

Chillin' and catching up over cupcakes & tea :)


Night out with Via


Dinner with the Family at Coastal Settlement

OFTD; in Love, Bonito's Hollace Tee & upcoming Floral Shorts!


Lunch at Antoinette

Met Via, Gege & Vaness for lunch after their yoga session to celebrate Vaness' scholarship!! ;)

And this is honestly one of the best desserts ive had in awhile.
Nutella + Caramel + everything sweet!

OFTD; In Love, Bonito's Florida Shorts

 And then, dinner with Dog after some shopping. teehee
Ge & Dog brought us to try out this pretty cool Ramen restaurant at Gallery Hotel ;)

Pleaseeeee share if you have any nice Ramen or Dim Sum places to recommend! heh
Thank you ;D

Will be blogging about Vietnam sooooon!
Until the next, have a great & blessed week ahead ;)

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