Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Maybelline’s Clear Smooth B.B Stick

These weeks have been a whirlwind of activity…with all the planning, meetings and arrangements for our recent warehouse sales, we’ve all been keeping a string of late, late nights. Even as I’m not complaining, my skin obviously is.. heh
Despite drinking loads of water and applying masks, a couple of zits and, subsequently, reddish spots/blemishes have found their way to my face ;( Thank goodness I discovered Maybelline’s Clear Smooth B.B Stick in the nick of time!! After washing my face and applying toner and moisturiser, I use the B.B Stick right before putting any makeup on my skin. For those curious, Maybelline’s B.B Stick also has UV protection :) To my amazement, the B.B Stick offers such high coverage with smoother finishing for my face and hides all my ugly and red spots under natural looking, semi-matt skin! Concealing pores, redness and evening out my skintone with its two natural shades, this is one B.B stick that has really worked wonders for me..

Have I mentioned that the B.B Stick has a skin-loving mineral formula that is non-greasy and lightweight even for the most sensitive skin type? :) The B.B Stick’s smooth glide also makes it sooo easy and handy to use. Another great thing about it is how long lasting it is! Being in the warehouse all day is a trying experience.. mainly because of how dirty and dusty the entire place is :( Our pixies can vouch for this!! Anyway, at the end of a looong day (up to 12 hours!), my skin is still protected and remains shine-free. The benefits of this B.B Stick are endless.. it is quite amazing ;)
Am using the Natural 02 shade and it works really well for me!

Even better, Maybelline Singapore has gotten Michelle Chong as their spokesperson. I loveeeee Michelle Chong in The Noose so was quite excited to see what role she would be playing this time teehee. 
For Maybelline, she is Golden Tan – the Maybelline Makeup YouTube Tutorial Sensation cum Extraordinaire. Visit this website or simply click on this video link to watch her hilarious and useful makeup tutorial!! It’s so entertaining and at the same time very helpful.. My friends and I had a few good laughs! 
Be sure to bookmark the page for more videos coming your way ;)
Maybelline is also on the search for Golden Tan’s Superfan, and the top prize is… a trip for 2 to Korea!!! All you have to do is like the Maybelline Singapore Facebook Page and change your profile picture to Golden Tan to qualify. Also remember to share Golden Tan’s YouTube videos on your wall and pull in at least TEN other friends to share the video from your wall. Follow Golden Tan on Pininterest and repin her postings as many times as you like! Basically, the MORE you do to show that you are a Superfan, the higher your chances of winning. Just visit their Facebook page for more information. It’s sooo easy to raise your chances of winning a vacay to Korea, and you’ve nothing to lose so why not give it a try? :)
Pick up your Maybelline Clear Smooth B.B Stick at an affordable price of $17.90 from Watsons, Guardian, Sa Sa, major supermarkets and departmental stores today!! Plus, for July only, BB Stick is at an intro price of $15.90! Now you can look forward to flawless complexion and head out with confidence ;)

CLICK HERE to watch Michelle Chong explain more about Maybelline's Clear Smooth B.B Stick!

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