Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I just wanna start out by saying how extremely grateful and thankful I am to all of you who'd dropped me a message and sent some love through email, facebook message and twitter direct message :')
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
 You don't know how much they mean to me. I am really blessed by your thoughts & encouragement!

Please give me some time to reply to each of you individually.. I have about 328 personal emails that i've yet to reply to :( So if you'd dropped me an email / message but haven't received a response, pretty please be patient with me and give me a lil' more time!
Thank you <3


Anyways, as promised, here's one of the bestest best Custard Buns i've had in Singapore!!
I love it cos it oozes with yummy custard & the size of the bun is perfect ;)
I find some of the buns served in other places a lil' too big and unappetizing.. so this is perfect for me ;)

They basically serve really really reallyyyy good dim sum!!
Lovelovelove the Century Egg Congee, Egg Tarts, Har Gao, Char Siew Soh & Siew Mai ;)
Those are must-tries!!

PS: Editing the pictures made me really hungry..

If you're a fan of dim sum, you have have haveeee to try East Ocean!!
I'm pretty certain you won't be disappointed ;)

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant. 
391 Orchard Road #05-08/09 Ngee Ann City 
Singapore 238872. 
T: 6235 9088




 Went for dinner at Muthu's Curry with the gang last weekend, yumtum!

Ben telling us bout his New Zealand adventure!


And some random shots of some outfits.

PS: am trying out this Laura Mercier Concealer Pot which i bought from Sephora US and it's pretty good!!

 And.... it's time to exercise and get in shape.
Put on some weight after i came back from the US!! And it's not helping that i've been feasting and pigging out a lot the past coupla weeks. 

Have you heard bout the attractive promotion Salon Vim is offering?

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o call now to book an appointment with us and enjoy a 30% off for these services.
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313 @ Somerset Orchard Road 
Singapore 238895
T: 68847757 / 68847767

 Till the next, have a blessed week ahead!! :)

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