Thursday, August 23, 2012

Choose To Live

Decided to share something that's been weighing heavy on my heart.

All my life, I was never put in a position that tempted me to pick up a cigarette.. but the other day my friends and I got on the topic of smoking and when I got home I decided to to do some research on it. I was truly shocked at the information that popped up! I know that statistics can be dull but PLEASE read on. Hopefully this makes you think twice before picking up that cigarette again.

1. There has been a 33% increase from 2004 among Singaporeans aged 18 to 29 in just SIX years!! 

2. The tar inside a cigarette is what causes lung cancer, emphysema and bronchial disorders.

3. Carbon monoxide in the smoke increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4. Pregnant smokers therefore have a higher chance of miscarriage or low birthweight babies…

5. Second hand smoke brings about lung cancer in adults, and the risk of respiratory illnesses in children.

6. When you light a cigarette, you are introducing thousands of poisonous chemicals into your body and bloodstream, building up fatty deposits. The more you smoke the more fatty deposits there will be. These can block up your blood vessels and cause a stroke or a heart attack.

Putting it into a more relatable perspective, did you know that 3 kids in every Primary 6 class today will eventually be killed by tobacco?  
What a scary thought.

Making the world a better place to live in for our loved ones, and future generations of children and grandchildren, is a unified effort… I know how clichéd it all sounds but don’t you think this also deeply resounds with so, so much truth?

There are wayyyy too many smokers in the world to advise and show support for, but without a start there can never be an end. Start from your home, in your family, within your circle of friends… Just. Start.

You probably already know all of this, but quitting a lifelong dependence like a cigarette isn’t an overnight affair. It will be tough, and the journey arduous but with support and love it CAN be done.  

I have a close friend, whose dad smokes. For as long as I’ve known her, she has been upset about not being able to get him to quit. She has confided in me how she doesn’t really care if anyone else smokes, as long as that person isn’t her dad. In a way, she knows that it’s selfish not giving two hoots about all the other smokers but isn’t love in some ways selfish? At least she is starting with him. I’d asked if she could write something about this and she sent me this letter, addressed to her father:

"I know it’s difficult to stop. I mean, when has an addiction ever been easy to kick? When we were younger and perhaps more naïve, I’d grumbled many times about how bad the smoke is, and how it will endanger your health, hoping against hope that you’d quit forever. I remember us coming to an amiable negotiation – if I was more obedient, then you’d slowly stop. There was even a period that you switched to nicotine patches and cut down on the number of sticks drastically. I didn’t know that then, but now I see what a big effort you’d made. Well those were old days, good and gone, and today you are back in full action, puffing away at least what – two packs a day? I’ve lost count. 

I know how you fervently shun health checkups, and reading those emails that I send on the detrimental effects of smoking. I know you will probably not read this to the end, but I’d like to try, still.

Papa when I say that you are the greatest dad anyone could ever have, I couldn’t mean it more. For loving us, loving mommy as wholeheartedly as you do, and for being the gentlest giant in anyone’s life. 

We saw how Gong Gong suddenly suffered from a stroke after his years of Camel and bourbon, and how he went cold turkey from fear
after that. Are you sure you want to wait till that day comes?

I wish… that you will at least ponder the idea of quitting, and even if it seems near impossible at this very moment, that one day you will finally put down that stick for good."

This is her story. What is YOURS?

Go here

and SHARE your story, READ about what others have to share, JOIN the cause.

Make the decision not to smoke today, and then the day after, and the next.
Take it one day at a time.
A small effort can lead to the biggest and greatest change in your life! do it for the ones you love, if not for yourself..


 Anyways, here's a quick photo update!
Of Love, Bonito at GoodNation and another ramen adventure with the gang ;)

Love, Bonito at *SCAPE for GoodNation!

Celebrated National Day at *SCAPE with Vel & Jie selling our pre-loved stuff.
We had so much fun with Daniel Ong too!
A big THANK YOU to everyone who came down to show some love & support ;)

Still have another truckload of clothing to sell off..
Will plan for another flea soon!
Do let me know if you know of any upcoming fleas :) Thank you in advance!
Ramen Adventure!
Went for yet another hunt for the best Ramen in town with the gang and we went to try Baikohken.
If you ask me, it's not worth the calories at all :(
Verdict: Unsatisfied. Boohoo
The hunt goes on!

Will be updating next bout Aniya's 3rd birthday!!
Have a blessed weekend ahead :)

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