Thursday, August 16, 2012


These past few weeks have been incredibly taxing and I still haven’t found a way to breathe.. Thank goodness for my family, friends, great food and of course, our new found love – hot yoga! Sweating it all out in an exercise session truly helps to lift my spirit and reminds me to stay calm in the face of adversity.
This is why the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) is organising an upcoming funfair – Sportzamania. Yes, again!
Sportzamania is no ordinary carnival. It revolves around a Live It Loud anti-drug theme and shows us how sports can not only help us to stay fit but also to stay away from a life that is dependent on drugs.  One of the most common drugs abused in Singapore is methamphetamine, more typically known as “ice” or “speed”.
Ice poses so many dangerous effects to your health – fits, stroke, damage to heart and nerves, liver and kidney diseases, hallucination, anxiety – and withdrawal symptoms like extreme fatigue and depression. Long-term abuse can even lead to death. It’s truly scary and such a waste, too..why throw away your health for a bag of drugs when you can be soaking in life’s energy and colours?
I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing that many people turn to drugs as a form of distraction from their lives, or an outlet of sorts.. Have you guys seen the film “Requiem For A Dream”? I’ve always wanted to, but the trailer itself scares me so bad.. It’s about drugs and the amputation scene resulting from the guy’s drug habits is really too much to bear :(
There is a whole list of other things that one can indulge in instead of turning to drugs. Occupy yourself with outdoor activities like picnicking, cycling, surfing or hobbies such as dancing, photography, writing, reading, scrapbooking etc. There are so many possibilities!

Living It Loud for to try and make the most out of every second of my life, to do what invigorates me. My time is for spending with my loved ones, tending to my work, dreaming up travel destinations and of course, doing lots of exercise :) Currently, my favourite sport is definitely hot yoga. It’s calming, detoxifying and presents a spot of quiet in my life...

Well, what is Living It Loud to you? Share it with me! :)
Come on down to Sportzamania at the Sports Planet East Coast this 16 Sept! There will be sooooo many fun filled activities organised for you. If you are under 25 and crazy about futsal, form a team of 5 with some friends and join in the game. There is also The Amazing Race – complete 12 stations to win – for teams of four aged 13-25!
Carnival games, performances, design contests and more; you have to come down and take a look for yourself! There are also cash prizes worth over $10,000 to be won.
The main point of this entire day is to remember the importance of cultivating healthy, active and drug-free lifestyles. 
Also, don’t forget to HAVE TONS OF FUN!!!

 To register or find out more, click HERE! :)

Have a blessed long weekend ahead!

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