Sunday, June 16, 2013

Skin Inc

Last week we were invited to a workshop organised by Skin Inc – ‘All About Eyes’ – to learn about how to care for the delicate skin around your eyes. I’m always on the prowl for quality skincare products, ESPECIALLY for the eye area since that’s always such a sensitive zone.. For those that don’t know, Skin Inc is the world’s first Skin Supplement Bar carrying a line of highly concentrated, 100% pure and active serums and skincare from Japan!!! They also offer customised skincare solutions for each individual so regardless of your skin type or day-to-day schedule there is always an answer for you :)

Well I was soooo excited to attend this 1.5hrs workshop. They introduced their new product, the Age-Revival Stem Cell Eye+, and after listening to what it can do for our skin I was HOOKED! This eye cream tackles 5 problems with a single application – lines & wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, premature ageing, and sun & pollution damage. It contains 20 active ingredients (when most eye creams contain about 8) such as four types of peptides for firming, lifting, line reduction and lymph drainage, hibiscus extract to iron out wrinkles and hesperidin to lighten dark circles. I was very impressed with how the skin therapists were so professional in their demonstration of how to go about applying the cream and all.. And couldn’t wait to try it out myself!


We also got to take home a goodie bag each (wheeee!!) containing the Age-Revival Stem Cell Eye, 1 tube of Age-RevivalStem CellSerum, ‘Eyes Love It’ Optimiser, and a Happy Hour voucher!! When I got home and did some research I found out how amaaazing the Age-Revival Serum was. Skin Inc’s Stem Cell series (serum and eye product) contains a rare species of stem cell apple extract that energises skin to generate new tissues faster, fend off UV damage and preserve vitality for longer.If your skin feels saggy and dull, just use this daily as a 4-week intensive anti-ageing programme to banish lines, pigmentation, shrink pores and lift saggy skin!! I’m into my first week and already my skin feels soooo much brighter and more recharged. Definitely lovin’ these products ;)

I can also use the serum, optimizer and eye product in the goodie bag for a 5-minute DIY eye revive treatment. Step 1: Roll the serum around the eyes Step 2: Follow with the optimizer Step 3: Finish with the eye+ Results: Instantly refreshed and soothed eyes!

The eye around your skin is truly delicate.. I can’t stress this enough. So please don’t rub it vigorously etc. And I believe it’s worth it to invest in quality products to take long term care of your skin ;) Can’t wait to see what other changes Skin Inc’s eye cream will do to my skin at the end of 4 weeks.. In the meantime I’ll probably visit their store at Ion Orchard to grab other skincare items  heh. They also have an outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall. 
Pop by and check it out soon! 

You can also check out or purchase their products online at:


Will blog more about Skin Inc's Pure Snow White Mask (my personal favourite) next!!

It really helps even out my complexion and tighten the pores.
Stay tuned!! :)


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