Wednesday, March 19, 2014

LB Retreat 2014

The Love, Bonito family just came back from an amazing retreat at Montigo Resort, Batam last week and we had a good time playing games, sharing visions and goals and reflecting on the previous year. 

The resort is relatively new so it isn't fully constructed yet. But we had a pretty good experience overall! ;) It's a good resort to check out if you are looking for a quick and quiet getaway.

 Family picture! :)

Being ferried to our villas!

Loveeee the blue sky & sea!

Time to get down to business.
With the "camp commandant" Moy and her faithful assistants Pearl & PJ ;)

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love playing games...

So, we were told to take the number of pieces of toilet paper we usually would (when visiting the washroom)....

And it turned out that the number of pieces which we took was the number of things we had to share about ourselves! haha look at Daph! ;D

The sharing continued during lunch.

& it was time to brainstorm with the respective teams.

We had a little time to ourselves before dinner so we decided to explore and have some fun taking pictures!

Daph & Pearl helping us get into a pose. haha

 Helping PJ get into position for her sunset photo ;)

Really thankful for this amazing team God has blessed us with :')
Will share more soon and will update this space more often!

Till then, have a blessed week everyone! 

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