Tuesday, October 7, 2014

True White Style

I had the honour to work and shoot with acclaimed photographer Russel Wong and fashion blogger Andrea last month for a special Sensodyne shoot!

Meeting Russel was a humbling experience as I’d seen his works with Zhang Ziyi for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon! 

We sat down and listened to Russel explain the idea and concept behind the shoot to capture the “True White Style” for Sensodyne. Everything was new and pretty foreign to me because I’ve never done anything quite like that, haha. So, it was finally time to get ready for our first shoot! And the theme for the first shoot is a Chinese sword-fighting scene.

Had so much fun shooting this and Russel was definitely very easy to work with. I’m not familiar with being in front of the camera much but he made me comfortable and feel at ease. 

The second shoot was one with Drea for an Ice Queen Scene - phew! (finally some company heh) We were dramatically made up to prepare for this and it was quite cool (literally too as we had a huge and strong fan blowing at us) having to imagine that we were on a sleigh riding through the snow!

What’s even more exciting is that all of you readers will get a chance to vote for your favourite theme which best captures the True White Style and stand to win amazing prizes!

Head on down to bit.ly/truewhitestyle for more pictures and information ;)

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