Friday, May 23, 2014

Herbal Essences

Recently did a shoot with Herbal Essences for their new Japan Series and had so much fun!

I’ve always been a fan of Herbal Essences and I absolutely love how great their products smell ;)

 I’m sure with everyone else, the first thing that comes to mind at mention of the brand is their signature fruity and floral scent! This is a major plus for me, having a shampoo that doesn’t just clean but leave you feeling refreshed and smelling delightful!

So when they approached me to do this campaign, I was thrilled and more than happy!

The story behind the videos is inspired from the very popular tumblr/hashtag #thingboysdowelove

For us girls, we spend a lot of time dolling and prepping for dates to ensure that we are looking good and smelling fresh at all times- especially for special moments with our significant other ;)

With Herbal Essences, I can now worry less about perspiring when I’m out and about, running from meetings to shoots and shuffling between the office and home!

Not to mention when we’re out on dates taking long walks or frolicking on the beach!


Herbal Essences uses more oils and fragrances in the products that have stronger, longer lasting smells. For example, in Herbal Essences Touchable Moisture Shampoo, it is an infusion of 2 fragrances; honey extract and lavendar extract. The Herbal EssencesTouchable Smooth Shampoocarries the signature scent of Camilla oil extract and pink rose extract.

Both smell equally great but if I had to choose one, it will have to be Touchable Smooth!
Most of us have probably spent a while testing and splashing out cash on the various types of products available in the markets before finding the right shampoo for our hair types, styling habits and lifestyles. 

Herbal Essences Touchable Smooth range works perfect for my needs. I personally hate having flat and limp hair which leaves me really picky about the shampoo I use.My hair undergoes blow-drying and styling on an everyday basis and it has resulted in frizzy hair andsplit ends over a long period of time. What works for me is thatthe ingredients infuse strands with moisture, leaving them soft and smooth without the weight! In addition, itlathers very well and removes build-up of oil and hair product, leaving my hair manageable until the next wash! 

This provides me with a good base for achieving the desired style effortlessly, reducing the amount of time and frustration every morning!
What’s even greater about Herbal Essences is the scent that lasts throughout the day that I don’t have to worry about smelling bad especially with Singapore’s erratic and humid weather!
With Herbal Essences, I look forward to my morning showers being greeted by a floral fresh the moment I get out of bed! 
 The best thing- the scent lingers on even after my shower :)

And in the special moments of our life together, I know that I am in the trusty hands of Herbal Essences!

I can now enjoy the little things without fretting about smelling bad or feeling self-conscious.

Me goofing around while the producers are preparing.

I can count on Herbal Essences to leave my hair feeling shiny, soft, bouncy and frizz-free!
Looking and smelling good never felt better! ;)

Special thanks to the wonderful crew & team, especially Lauren & Wendy, for a memorable time working on this project! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in sharing your morning, travel and workout essentials on my instagram! :)

Here are the winners:

  Sheryl Ng
Wong Min Yee
Grace Ho
Sabrina Koh
Tan Shu Xian
Freda Kwok

Winners have been contacted via email!

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