Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Been really busy lately and haven't had the time to update my blog :(
But i'll be back with a massive update really soon!!
Can't wait to get a new compact camera too so that i can take & post more peeks on the blog.
It's so convenient now with the iPhone that i no longer carry my bulky Sony camera around.
Am eyeing another Sony model and am hoping to get my hands on it soon! teehee
Thank you to those who've been faithfully checking back :')

There's this really cool video that I MUST share with everyone! 
One of my friends posted it online and caught my attention immediately because of the great concept. 
Did you know there's this new tap and win event recently? 
As part of DBS one.tap launch, they organised an event at Shaw Lido to attract people to try out the concept of "tap and get", and the way they did it was soooo fun!!! 

Basically what fuels this tap & win is a technology called Near Field Communications, or you can also call it the NFC technology. 
NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology that can transmit data between a mobile device and a reader. 

This aims to make our lives easier, .. now my wallet will be less cluttered with all kinds of loose coupons and vouchers. It's amaaazing at how convenient this is. In the video you can see how the NFC works - passersby simply tapped their NFC enabled smartphones, such as SamSung Galaxy S3 and Sony Xperia, and won instant mobile coupons like free movie tickets, IMAX tickets and MovieBites Combo.

And yes DBS is the first to come up with a virtual credit card, and along with StarHub's SmartWallet app – you can have your credit card, coupons, loyalty card etc. ALL in one phone!! plus it's also password protected so you don't have to worry ;)

It's soooo convenient for me because I can pay for my cab fares, make lunch reservations, get my movie e-tickets and skip the looong queue, redeem discount coupons and earn loyalty points with just my phone.Tap and pay for purchases at over 30,000 merchant acceptance points in Singapore. Some popular outlets you might patronise include Watsons, PastaMania, Shaw Theatres, G2000, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Comfort & CityCab and more.  Furthermore, you can redeem mobile coupons on the go AND instantly/automatically by simply attaching the mobile coupon on your phone before you pay!

Find out more about what you can do with DBS one.tap in the next few months in this vid: DBS one.tap - NFC contactless mobile payment

This new payment service is made possible through a collaboration between DBS, MasterCard, StarHub and EZ Link, to offer customers a secure way of payment through the digital wallet app called "SmartWallet".

Make your lives soo much easier and join in the fun today!! Sign up for DBS one.tap HERE.

Until the next!! 
Have a blessed week ahead ;)

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